Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

A leading environmental charity
The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is one of the UK’s leading environmental charities, which recognizes that the conservation of wildlife and preservation of the planet are inextricably linked, and works to promote a sustainable future for wildlife and people.

The Trust has 18,500 members and supporters, and more than a thousand volunteers working on a range of projects from promoting energy efficiency in the home as a step towards slowing climate change, to waste prevention programs that reduce the rubbish going to landfill sites, to working on one of the Trust’s nature reserves to conserve the Wiltshire countryside and the rich variety of plants and animals that live there.

The Trust owns or manages 2,000 acres of nature reserves that provide havens for plants and animals. It advises landowners on how to manage their land with wildlife in mind and comments on planning applications that affect sites of wildlife interest. The Trust also actively promotes community wildlife programs and environmental education.

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